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Wrought Iron Metal, Aluminum, Vinyl/PVC Fencing & Gates

With a wide range of custom fences & gates and a lot designs to choice from, let us help you pick the right design. Fencing & Gates available for residential/commercial/industrial.  Automatic/Electric & Solar gates available. Your choice of wrought iron METAL, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, wood, wood with iron pickets. Galvanized & Power Coated Option available. - We carry over 100 different type of paint for you to pick from for your fences or gates. Got a favorite color in mind? Let us know and we will use it on your next fence or gate. VIEW A LIST OF DESIGNS HERE

All fences & gates are custom made from our shop just the way you like it. 3D Design are available.

Fences- Wrought Iron Metal/Steel/Aluminum/Vinyl/Wood Fences, cedar fences, posts, posts installation, Vinyl/PVC Fences, Security fences, Ornamental fences, tennis fences, farm fencing, pool fencing, Perimeter fences, privacy fencing & more. Fence extensions & fence repairs also available (commercial/industrial/residential) SINGLE BAR, DOUBLE BAR

Chain Link Fences- Residential/Industrial/Commercial chain link fences available all sizes and heights. Chain link doors, repairs & extensions available. Chain Link meshes options: 2" mesh x 9 gauge brown vinyl, 2" mesh x 9 gauge white vinyl, 2" mesh x 11 gauge galvanized, 1 1/2" mesh x 11 gauge green vinyl, 1 1/2" mesh x 9 gauge black vinyl.  Silver also available. Various other color & sizes available- call or email for info.

Gates- Wrought Iron Metal/Steel/Stainless Steel/Aluminum, Ornamental,Wood  , Chain Link Gates, driveway/side/entrance gates, automatic gates, electric gates, solar gates, rolling gates, yard  & garden gates, swing gates, front porch, security gates, gates installation & repairs and more. (commercial/industrial/residential)

NOTE: Before any post holes, digging or settings it is required to call ONTARIO ONE for locating in your area at least one week in advance. Locates must be done before any job is started.