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Custom Porches & Verandas

Fully custom double bar porches & verandas. A perfect solution to get your new railing the look it deserves.

Ornamental Wrought Iron Fencing & Gates

Fully custom made wrought iron metal gates & fencing the ultimate & unique way to go for any property or store front.

Metal Gates Any SIzes

Any size gates we can do! Take a look at our latest mini gate measuring at 1.5' each at a total of 3' double gate.

Wrought Iron Metal Front Entrance Fence

Fully custom front entrance wrought iron metal double bar fencing.

Wrought Iron Metal Double Driveway Swing Gate

Custom wrought iron metal driveway swing gate. Double bar, custom heavy duty hinges and custom fence caps.

Wrought Iron Metal Single Gate

Custom made wrought iron metal double bar gate with custom hinges and custom caps.

Ornamental Fence & Gates

Ornamental gates & fencing the ultimate combinations.

Driveways & Entrance Gates

Custom metal driveways & entrance gates.Arch, Sliding, Automatic, Electric.

Double Bar Wrought Iron Railing

Fully custom ornamental double bar railings. Wrought iron metal with custom ornamental designs to make your home traditional with a new amazing look.

Custom Wrought Iron Railings

Fully custom metal railings. Single bar, double bar, ornamental, modern, traditional, European.

Wrought Iron Custom Gates

Get stylish with our custom wrought iron metal gates. Hundreds of custom designs to pick from and best of all we custom make it all. Any color, any size, any design.

Ornamental Wrought Iron Metal Double Bar Fences

Custom double wrought iron metal fencing with ornamental spears. Fully custom fir your home or business.

High Quality Material

All sizes high quality Iron, Metal, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Materials & Fabrications

Mobile Welding

24/7 Mobile Welding Services- MIG|TIG|STICK Welding

FWC Limited. An Italian family owned company since 1990. Launched in Toronto in 1990 and now has expanded in London & Southern Ontario since 1995. Servicing you across Ontario with the most highest quality custom fabrication you will be pleased with. Residential, Commercial, Industrial services all year round. We welcome any size projects. Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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